Our firm specializes in estate planning, asset protection planning, compensation planning, probateguardianship administration, and business planning for physicians, business owners, professionals, and high net worth individuals.

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Updates as of September 19, 2018

We added a new Business Planning Blog with valuable information for Business Owners and professionals.  The Business Planning Blog supplements our Asset Protection and Estate Planning blogs.

From the Business Planning Blog:

Are your LLC Interests Actually Securities?

Most people think that only corporate stock qualifies as securities, but did you know that LLC ownership interests might be considered securities, too? Here’s what you need to know about whether your LLC interests might be securities, resulting in onerous federal and state securities law implications...

From the Estate Planning Blog:

Big “Life Changes” Often Mean Big “Estate Plan Changes”

Many people who setup their estate planning forget to update their plan after big life changes.  This is a major mistake that can place your hard-earned money and assets into a costly probate or into the wrong hands. To make sure you do not run into these issues and your wishes are followed in the event of your death or incapacity, below are nine life decisions or events that should get you thinking about updating -- or creating -- your estate plan right away...