Asset Protection Planning

     James J. Flick has the unique qualifications to assist his clients with asset protection concerns. James J. Flick is currently serving on the Florida Bar Asset Preservation Committee and has been creating advanced asset protection plans for affluent clients for 19 years.
     When you contact us because you have concerns about securing your assets we will schedule a meeting for you with our senior attorney, James J. Flick. We will send you our Asset Protection Questionnaire and will request that you return it to us three to five days before your first scheduled meeting. The Initial Asset Protection Meeting usually takes about two hours or less. During the meeting the attorney will review your situation and give you advice on how to better shore up your assets against the threat of law suit. The advice will range from simple solutions such as changing the titling of assets, to more advanced solutions such as holding assets in various structures or entities or completing a living trust centered estate plan, or to some of the most advanced and cutting edge asset protection strategies such as domestic asset protection trusts depending on your situation and assets.

     After your initial meeting with the attorney you will receive an Engagement Letter from us. This letter should be read, signed and returned to us to avoid any confusion about the overall process and allow us to begin working for you. Following this you will receive an Asset Protection Recommendation Letter that lists all the applicable asset protection solutions discussed during your meeting. You will have a list of options to choose from based on your own personal situation and your current concerns.

     We are dedicated to finding the best asset protection solution for you and your family.  Please call our office to schedule your Initial Asset Protection meeting with James J. Flick when you are ready to protect your assets.