Business Planning Process

     When you contact us because you need assistance with your business, whether you are starting a new business, selling your business, or restructuring your business, we will schedule a meeting for you with our senior attorney, James J. Flick. We will send you our Business Planning Questionnaire and will request that you return it to us three to five days before your first scheduled meeting. The Initial Business Planning Meeting usually takes about one hour or less. During the meeting the attorney will review your situation and give you advice on how to form your business.
     During the Initial Business Planning Meeting, a course of action will be agreed upon between you and the attorney, such as forming a new LLC or drafting employment agreements.  The attorney will give you a quote on the cost of the work to be completed for your business planning.  After your initial meeting you will be mailed an Engagement Letter. Once the signed Engagement Letter is received by us the attorney will begin working on your business planning project.
     Next, the attorney will complete drafts of the required documents for your business planning and complete any required tasks.  We will send the drafts of any required business documents to you for your review.  A Business Planning Review Meeting or Review Phone Conference can be scheduled if you need to discuss changes with the attorney.  Once you have approved of the drafts we will contact you to schedule the Business Planning Signing Meeting.  At the signing meeting you will sign any necessary business documents and if it is a new business you will receive a completed business record book and instructions on how to keep the record book up-to-date, as well as automatic enrollment in our business maintenance program, Corporate Shield.

     We are dedicated to finding the best business planning solution for you.  Please call our office to schedule your Initial Business Planning meeting with James J. Flick when you are ready to pursue solutions to your business planning needs.