Guardianship Process

     Guardianships are necessary when an adult is incapacitated due to illness or injury or when a child inherits or is bequeathed money from someone, such as an inheritance from a parent or money from a lawsuit settlement. When you contact our office for assistance with opening a Guardianship we will send you a New Guardianship Questionnaire for a proposed Guardianship for an adult, and a proposed Ward and New Guardianship of Minor Questionnaire for a proposed Guardianship for a child.
     The completed New Guardianship Questionnaire should be brought to your Initial Meeting with the attorney. During this meeting the attorney will review your specific circumstances and give you an estimate of the cost and process involved in opening and maintaining the Guardianship. After the initial meeting you will receive an Engagement Letter from us; the letter should be read over, signed, and returned to us to avoid any confusion about our process and allow us to begin working for you.
     Once we receive the signed Engagement Letter we will draft the Opening Documents which include the Letters of Guardianship. We will then schedule a meeting for you to meet with the attorney and review and sign the opening documents. Please be advised that you will have to submit to a background check and fingerprints during this opening process. There will also be education requirements that must be fulfilled by the guardian shortly after being appointed.
     Once the Letters of Guardianship are signed by the Circuit Court Judge in the county of the Ward’s residence we will be required to open a Guardianship Account and to file an Inventory which is called the Initial Guardianship Report for Guardian of the Property. We will also be required to file the Initial Guardianship Report for Guardian of the Person if the guardianship is designated for person and property as in the case of an incapacitated adult.
     In closing we are dedicated to helping you administer your loved one’s guardianship in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible so that the assets of your loved one are preserved to provide for his or her needs.